How Underride Guards Can Save Lives in Truck Accidents

Underride guards are protective pieces of equipment that are regularly installed on trucks of various sizes. While some trucking companies feel it is necessary to install the underride guards for safety reasons, others fail to install the life-saving gear. Underride guards are typically composed of a metal material. It is common to have them installed on the backs of trucks and the sides of those large trucks to prevent vehicles from sliding underneath when accidents occur.

The importance of underride guards

Large trucks are often much higher than traditional vehicles, including sedans, coupes, and even minivans. Depending on the height of the truck, it may be easy for a vehicle to slide underneath the truck when involved in a truck accident or when the roads are slippery because of weather conditions.

Rain, sleet, and snow can easily cause hazardous roads that make it difficult to drive. When a vehicle does slide underneath a large truck, the chances of survival for the passengers are slim to none. The injuries sustained are usually severe enough to cause death upon impact. However, underride guards could keep that from happening, saving the lives of many drivers.

Why it is important for trucks to have underride guards

If trucks do not have underride guards and an accident occurs, there could be multiple fatalities. Innocent lives are lost each year to these types of accidents. Often, underride accidents occur during chain-reaction car accidents, when one vehicle crashes into another, pushing one or more cars into or under a tractor-trailer.

If there is any possible way to reduce the severity of a collision, it is to have underride guards installed on large trucks. Rather than sliding under the truck in the event of a crash, the driver of the vehicle would crash into but be stopped by the truck’s underride guards. While injuries may still be sustained because of the collision, those injuries are often far less severe. Those involved in accidents with trucks would have a much greater chance of surviving the accident.

All trucks should have underride guards installed on them, but not all do as they are not mandated safety equipment. One reason some companies refuse to put these lifesaving devices on their vehicles is because of the cost. However, it is worth the investment when it means protecting other drivers and their passengers.

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