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Exercise is good for you. Whether you’re running errands in the Edgemere Park Historic District, walking around the Will Rogers Gardens or taking a ride near the Oklahoma River, getting some fresh air and sunshine is important. Sometimes, however, drivers don’t pay attention to pedestrians and cyclists as they should. This can lead to serious accidents and life-altering injuries.

At Cunningham & Mears, our Oklahoma City lawyers are here for you when you are injured in an accident caused by a negligent driver. We understand how physically, emotionally and financially devastating a pedestrian accident or cyclist collisions can be, and we are dedicated to helping you obtain fair compensation for your injuries.

Fatal bicycle and pedestrian accidents in Oklahoma

Although many biker riders and pedestrians look carefully for oncoming traffic, traffic accidents involving pedestrians are still all too common. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) data, there were 50 pedestrian fatalities in 2014 (the most recent year available). Most of those fatalities occurred here in Oklahoma City or in Tulsa. Four cyclists were killed that same year.

Driver negligence is a leading cause of collisions with non-drivers

The vast majority of cases do not involve “rogue” drivers mowing down families out for a stroll or a ride in city parks. The truth is, driver negligence is the leading cause of collisions. Many drivers don’t feel that pedestrians and bike riders should be on roadways with cars at all, and others simply aren’t paying attention closely enough. Some of the leading causes of these types of accident include:

  • Failure to stop at crosswalks
  • Failure to yield at intersections
  • Striking pedestrians on sidewalks
  • Striking pedestrians in the street
  • Striking children playing in the street or walking to school

Pedestrian and cyclist injuries can be serious

Even when you’re wearing a helmet, being hit by a car, truck or motorcycle can put your life in danger. It can be even more dangerous for people simply walking around. Our personal injury attorneys represent cyclists and pedestrians who have sustained serious, even life-threatening injuries such as:

Staying safe when sharing the road with cars

The following tips can help you stay safe when walking, riding and interacting with motor vehicles:

  • Always obey all traffic laws
  • Walk on sidewalks whenever you can
  • Ride your bike along with the flow of traffic
  • Wear bright and reflective clothing (especially at night) or carry a flashlight/ install a headlamp on your bike
  • Always wear a helmet
  • Keep your eyes up and on the road around you
  • Always look both ways before crossing a street – even at crosswalks and intersections where you have the right of way
  • Use hand signals to indicate a turn when you are riding
  • Hold the hands of any children under the age of ten when crossing the street

Distracted walking is a real thing

The National Safety Council advises pedestrians, "Head up, phone down," to discourage distracted walking. When you walk while looking down at your cell phone, you lose focus on your surroundings. The NHTSA reports that there were 5,987 pedestrian fatalities in 2016, which is up more than 9% over 2015. Federal safety officials attribute a portion of that increase to distracted walking.

The NSC saw such a significant increase in distracted walking accidents and injuries that they added it to their annual statistical report in unintended injuries and deaths in 2011. It is just as important to walk cell phone free as it is to drive cellphone free because the phone creates a mental distraction that keeps a person from focusing on their surroundings.

Help for pedestrians and cyclists injured in a car wreck in Oklahoma

If you have sustained an injury because a car hit you, you may be wondering how much your case is worth if you file a lawsuit against the driver who hit you. You may not be pleased to learn that there is no way to say exactly what your case might be worth without consulting with an Oklahoma car accident attorney. Your lawyer will investigate the accident to determine who was at fault, they will consider the extent of your injuries and the cost of your medical care when estimating what your case might be worth.

An injury case hinges on Oklahoma negligence laws, which require the plaintiff (the injured party) to prove that the defendant’s negligent actions caused their injuries. Both parties owe one another a duty of care to conduct themselves in a safe manner.

Your Oklahoma injury lawyer from Cunningham & Mears is dedicated to offering effective solutions for injured people. We work hard to recover the compensation our clients deserve when they have been injured because of someone else's negligence.

Seek the help of a knowledgeable and compassionate injury lawyer

If you have sustained an injury or lost a loved one in a bicycle or pedestrian accident caused by a negligent driver, an experienced injury attorney at Cunningham & Mears can help you recover compensation for your injuries, medical bills, lost wages and other harm. We also assist pedestrians and cyclists who are injured in slip and fall, and other accidents caused by dangerous or defective property conditions such as potholes and cracks in sidewalks. To learn more about how we can provide you with individualized service, contact us or call 405-232-1212 today for a free initial consultation.