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At Cunningham & Mears, we have focused on putting accident victims in a better position for over a decade. With more 105 years of combined legal experience, our attorneys have the skill and expertise coupled with the honesty and integrity to guide clients to successful results. Because of our skillful representation in personal injury cases ranging from slip and fall accidents to car crashes, our attorneys have been selected for membership in such prestigious organizations as the Top 100 Lawyers of The American Trial Lawyers Association and the Million Dollar Advocates Forum.

DISCLAIMER: The results listed on this page are unique to the circumstances and facts of specific cases. We make no guarantee that your case will have similar outcomes to those of our previous results obtained for other clients.

ryan cunningham and marcus mears verdicts and settlements

$3+ million confidential product liability settlement on behalf of burn injury client

A young girl was burned over 95 percent of her body as a result of an improperly installed hot water tank. Gasoline accidentally spilled on a garage floor, which leaked near the hot water tank, and the gas ignited and burned the little girl severely. The girl required more than 30 surgeries. Our investigation uncovered that the gas company should have turned off the hot water tank due to its improper installation and that the gas can was defectively designed.

Multi-millions recovered in class action suits involving Fen Phen

We successfully represented hundreds of Oklahomans who suffered severe injuries, including severe heart damage, because of the diet drug Fen Phen.

Confidential award for concrete mixer rollover fatality crash; settled at trial

The trucking company denied liability and blamed the truck manufacturer and the road design of the city where the wreck occurred.  We located 2 witnesses that the Defendant ran off the interstate the day before and established that the driver should have been suspended before the fatal crash. Settled at trial.

Confidential amount for teen driver who lost a leg in a crash with a oil field service truck

Sixteen-year-old driving on a dirt road was hit head-on by an oil-field service truck causing the amputation of the child’s leg above the knee. The trooper cited the teenager at fault for crossing the center line. We proved that the oil-field service truck driver had been drinking and crossed the center line.

Confidential award in insurance bad faith case

Our client owned a business complex, and the insurance carrier refused to pay multiple hail claims, using the same rejection letter each time. Filed suit for breach of contract and bad faith.

$1.3 million for motorcycle rider hit by another car

Motorcyclist was making a left hand turn across the road when he was hit head on by an oncoming motorist.

$1.165 million for woman hit by a tractor trailer

A grandmother was taking her granddaughter to the dentist and she was struck by a tractor trailer turning in front of her car, suffering broken legs and pelvis

$1+ million confidential truck collisions settlement

A husband and wife were struck by a tractor-trailer that failed to yield while making a left turn. The husband suffered hairline fractures in his lower legs. The wife suffered cuts, abrasions and a hip fracture.

$950,000.00 for dump truck driver injured on a construction site

A dump truck driver on foot at a construction site was pinned between his truck and construction equipment resulting in a broken back and pelvis.

$750,000.00 Jury Verdict for Injured Postal Worker

Marcus Mears and the rest of the Cunningham & Mears team secured a unanimous jury verdict on behalf of our client, a former U.S Postal worker. Our client was rear ended in a three car pile-up car wreck in July of 2014. Her medical care became extremely protracted thanks to the Federal Workers’ Comp system, which caused a 2+ year delay in client being able to have her neck surgery. Mid-Continent Insurance Company, never made a realistic offer in over 7 years, until weeks before trial when they finally offered $85,000. We took her case to trial and the jury returned a verdict in about an hour and a half.

$650,000.00 recovery for car crash victim

A motorist ran a stop sign, which caused an accident that resulted in serious knee injuries and two surgeries.

$650,000.00 recovery for semi-truck driver injured in a collision

A semi-truck accident in SE Oklahoma where the driver hit the trailer of our client, went airborne striking the cab of the vehicle, and injuring both the driver and passenger. We had an accident reconstructionist on site within 48 hours of the accident.

$600,000.00 recovery for teenage passenger in vehicle crash

A 14-year-old girl was a passenger in her uncle’s truck. The uncle ran off the road striking a tree; our client suffered a broken ankle. The case settled out of court.

$550,000.00 recovery for pedestrian with head injury

A pedestrian was struck at a local amusement park by a golf cart resulting in a head injury.

$500,000.00 recovery for client hit by semi-truck

Accident near Alva Oklahoma. Semi-truck ran stop sign. Client suffered herniated disc requiring fusion. After we took over the third-party claim, our doctors found a new surgical issue that the workers’ compensation doctors missed. Case was settled out of court.

$450,000.00 recovery for car crash victim

A 15-year-old girl was a passenger in a vehicle that ran off the road and struck a tree. She suffered ankle and leg fractures.

$375,000.00 recovery for truck crash victim

A woman was hit by a truck while riding as a passenger in her friend’s car. After conservative medical measures failed a disc injury was discovered that required spinal surgery.

$350,000.00 recovery for motorcycle crash victim

A young man was struck while riding his motorcycle. He suffered a fractured ankle. Our doctors provided documentation showing some permanent impairment and risk of future arthritis and surgery.

$300,000.00+ recovery for car crash victim

In a parking lot accident, the defendant denied causing the accident and argued that our client’s injuries were pre-existing. Client suffered neck and back injuries that required surgery.

$300,00.00 recovery for trucker injured at a truck stop

A trucker suffered a surgical spinal injury when he was injured while sleeping in his cot at a truck stop. He returned to his out of state home and sought care through his workers’ compensation plan.

$300,000.00 recovery for pedestrian hit by a truck

Client was struck by a tractor-trailer that failed to yield while making a left turn. Our client suffered cuts, abrasions and a knee injury that required surgery.

$295,000.00 recovery for car crash victim

A woman suffered a neck injury after a car accident leads to spinal fusion surgery. Case was completed without litigation about a year after the accident.

$280,000.00 jury verdict for RV driver; Federal Jury Trial

The insurance company for the tractor trailer denied liability after an RV driver was run off the road. Our client suffered the destruction of his vehicle and injury. A Federal Jury Trial ensued, and a jury verdict was reached.

$275,000.00 recovery for car crash victim

Our client was a passenger who was ejected from her vehicle during the accident when the driver lost control of the vehicle. She sustained facial scarring and needed oral surgeries.

$250,000.00 recovery for truck crash victim

A tow truck ran a stop sign causing the truck to hit a woman in her vehicle on her passenger side. The woman suffered serious head injuries, including concussion, which resulted in $30,000 in medical bills. We hired an expert neuropsychologist who determined the woman suffered short-term memory loss. Because we hired this specialized expert, more injuries were uncovered, which resulted a higher recovery for our client.

$250,000.00 recovery for car crash victim

A police officer was rear-ended while driving. He suffered a serious back injury, which later required surgery.

$225,000.00 recovery for pedestrian hit by a car

The client was struck when another driver crossed the center line and caused a head on collision. The client had a wrist fracture that required surgery.

$200,000.00 recovery for car crash victim

A passenger in a vehicle was injured in a front-end collision while running an errand for her employer. She sustained back and shoulder injuries. We pursued workers’ compensation, liability insurance and underinsured motorist claims in order to maximize her recovery.

$200,000.00 recovery for truck crash

An oil field service truck hit a cow in the road resulting in injury to the driver.

$150,000.00 recovery for slip-and-fall injury victim

While entering a fast food restaurant, an elderly woman tripped over the front step of the restaurant and fell sharply. The slip and fall accident caused a serious hip injury and broken leg.

$125,000.00 and $100,000.00 recovery for husband and wife in car crash

Husband and wife were injured in an automobile accident. They needed treatment, but could not find medical treatment in Lawton. We assisted and the cases settled for in excess of six figures.

$100,000.00 maximum-allowed recovery for dog bite victim

A female adult was at a relative’s home when the family dog attacked her, biting her in the face. The injured woman had $5000 in medical bills from the dog bite. Cunningham & Mears secured the maximum recovery for her facial injuries, even after her insurance company had denied the claim.

$100,000.00 pre-trial recovery for victim of aggravated DUI

Client came in with an offer of $12,500 from liability carrier. Insurance said they would not pay a dime more. It was an aggravated DUI case. The adjuster told us that he was a veteran and did not care about the DUI. We discovered a rotator cuff tear that had not been previously diagnosed. After our attorney’s involvement, the insurance company reversed course and settled for policy limits prior to our filing of the lawsuit.