Important Tips for Protecting Yourself When Working on an Oil Field

If you are taking on a job where you will work in an oil field, especially in the Oklahoma City area, you can earn good money and travel to different locations to work. However, the job does come with risks. While oilfield work pays well, workers need to complete tasks that are somewhat dangerous at times. Because accidents that occur in the oil fields are often fatal, you need to know exactly what to do to protect yourself while showing up for work each day. You can still enjoy the work you do and you should not let the risks keep you from doing something that you like to do. Instead, you should follow a few helpful tips that will keep you safer while you work.

Pay attention to safety training

When you first get the job, your employer will need to provide you with safety training lessons and materials. You must go through the training process to have a better understanding of the work you are going to do and the steps you will need to take to safely complete the different tasks for which you are responsible. If you do not pay attention during the training process, you could end up making some major mistakes that could put your life and the lives of other workers at risk. Take the training seriously to keep yourself safe.

Wear the protective gear

Make sure you are wearing the protective gear that you received from your employer. Depending on the job, you may need to wear harness gear to keep you from falling, flame-resistant clothes, and protective eyewear. Your employer will let you know what you are expected to wear each day when showing up to complete your assigned tasks. Failure to wear the right gear could put you at risk of sustaining painful and possibly even catastrophic injuries in an oil field accident.

Follow protocol and avoid taking shortcuts

Always follow protocol when you are working in an oil field. If your employer has given you strict instructions, you need to follow those instructions instead of attempting to take shortcuts. When you try to do things your own way to make the job a bit easier on yourself, you could make risky moves and major mistakes. No shortcut is worth the risks involved. When you show up for work each day, be prepared to follow protocol and safety regulations.

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