Information Your Car Accident Attorney Needs to Maximize Your SettlementAttorneys help people when they are in trouble. However, an attorney can only help as much as the client cooperates with him or her. Without this cooperation, the client’s case can suffer in terms of its effectiveness and chance to obtain a favorable outcome before a jury or judge. This applies to car accident claims as well. Your attorney needs a bevy of information from you to ensure a successful outcome.

Let’s take a look at some of this information below.

Personal background information

You should begin by providing your lawyer the required personal information he or she needs to handle your case properly, including your present and permanent address, proof of ID, birth date, contact details, such as emergency contacts, and more.

Accident description and details

In order to present your case properly for compensation, your attorney must have complete knowledge and understanding of your accident in detail. The attorney needs to know the accident location, how it happened, and the date and time of the crash, among other info. Never hide this and other important info from your attorney, even if you feel it is embarrassing. Doing so will eventually complicate and hurt your case and chances for obtaining the settlement you deserve and need. Your attorney also needs the contact information of any eyewitnesses to the event.

Details about your vehicle

Provide all details about your vehicle, including purchase documents, manufacturing details, vehicle model number, registration papers, license, etc. If someone else drove the vehicle during the accident, provide his or her details as well.

Photos taken at the scene

If you took any photos or video footage at the scene of the car accident, including a certification from the repair shop, your attorney should have copies of these. In addition, your attorney will need any available CCTV footage of the accident location that may have recorded the accident. Video surveillance evidence can be extremely valuable in these cases.

Copy of your car insurance policy

Your attorney may ask for a copy of the declaration paper from your insurer and other info about the policy. If you have filed a car insurance claim, gather these documents along with the contact information of the adjuster and provide them to your attorney.

Copies of medical bills and documents

If you sustained injuries in the crash, provide medical bills and other related information to your attorney. This information can help your attorney bolster your case and increase the possibility of obtaining compensation for these financial expenses.

Your medical progress and condition

Provide routine reports to your attorney of your medical progress in the aftermath of your injury. Tell your attorney if you needed to visit a specialist. If you experience continuing problems after receiving treatment, notify your attorney of this. You may access compensation for these issues based on the strength of your case.

Information about your employer

If an injury is severe enough, it can keep you away from work for a long time. For any income you have lost because of your injury, you may be compensated under the law. Therefore, be sure to provide your attorney with the contact details, office location, salary, and designation of your employer, in addition to how your employment has been affected by your injury.

Maintain continual communication

Always keep the lines of communication open with your attorney during your case, from beginning to end. This will ensure your provide and receive any additional information that is important to its success.

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