Keeping Your Kids Safe on Water Slides The warm weather is here. Once the rains finally pass, spring will be in full swing, and sunny skies allow us to enjoy outdoor activities, including throwing birthday parties for the kids or packing everyone up for a fun day at a place like White Water Bay or Safari Joe’s in Tulsa. Of course, when we’re planning a fun excursion with the family, we don’t typically anticipate injuries or accidents marring the day.

Unfortunately, when taking the kids to a waterpark or renting your own inflatable slides, you may not take the time to think about the dangers. We see too many child injuries from these types of activities, due to careless or reckless operation, or defective slides. If you or your child gets injured, the park could be liable for damages under Oklahoma’s premises liability laws.

Water slide injuries

Safer Parks, an organization that reports on amusement park ride accidents, reports that water slides cause the highest rate of injury at water parks. These injuries typically result from the high velocity and slippery surfaces – children may collide with fixed surfaces, get caught between objects, or fall off their mat. Common waterslide injuries include scrapes, hyperextensions and dislocations, head injuries, cuts and lacerations, or water inhalation.

In extreme situations, children may suffer fatalities in water slide accidents.

Inflatable water slide injuries

You may opt for one of the smaller, inflatable water slides you can rent or buy for a backyard party. These seem safe enough at first glance, but they can also be dangerous if not set up correctly or are defective in anyway. Some of these slides have been known to suddenly deflate, flip over, or even blow away in sudden gusts of wind – sometimes with children inside them.

Dirty water injuries

Remember that when many people are using a water slide, the water can get easily contaminated. Bacteria, feces, and other germs can dirty up the water and, if the water sits around in the heat, possibly give your child an infection or make him or her sick.

Keep small children off big slides

The taller the waterslide, the greater the danger of a fall. Children can squeeze through barriers or stairwells, putting them at risk of getting into places they shouldn’t be. Also, because kids weigh so much less than adults, they may lift off from a vertical drop, which could cause a catastrophic injury or tragedy.

We know how important it is to you that your children are safe and protected from danger. If your child suffers injury due to someone else’s carelessness, talk to the Oklahoma City injury attorneys at Cunningham & Mears. We will fight to ensure your family gets the compensation you need to help your child heal. Call our lawyers today at 405.212.9234 or complete our contact form to schedule a consultation.