Motorcycle Accidents and Road Rash Injuries

Motorcycle Accidents and Road Rash InjuriesWhen a motorcyclist loses control of his or her motorcycle and is thrown across the pavement, sometimes for tens or hundreds of feet, the rider often suffers an injury that is referred to as road rash. This injury can vary in severity and in the worst cases can even be life threatening.

The term road rash does not always inspire thoughts of a serious injury, but it involves damage to the organ of the body that protects the body – the skin. The skin protects vulnerable parts of the body against viruses and bacteria. During a motorcycle accident, the driver scratches and scrapes along the surface of the road, which causes destruction to the outer layer of the skin and introduces debris, including gravel, rocks, metal, and potentially more into the wound.

The process of treatment for road rash can be costly and painful. The speed and impact of the collision, along with the safety equipment and apparel of the rider determines the severity of the road rash injury.

What are the different types of road rash?

There are three types of road rash injuries and more than one can occur in any single accident. They are:

  • Compression: If the body part of the rider is crushed during a motorcycle accident, it can result in broken bones and muscle damage.
  • Avulsion: This occurs when the skin is scraped away, revealing muscle, fat, and potentially layers of bone.
  • Open wound: Open wounds resulting from road rash may require at a minimum stitches, and potentially in more severe cases, skin grafts.

Injury severity due to road rash

  • First degree: This is the least severe form of road rash and includes bruises, scrapes, redness, some bleeding, and pain. Usually first degree road rash can be treated effectively at-home after initial evaluation and treatment by a medical professional.
  • Second degree: This is a more severe level of road rash injury and affects the tendons, muscles, and nerves, resulting in bleeding, swelling, and a feeling of radiant heat. Sometimes a second degree road rash includes scarring. This injury requires immediate medical attention.
  • Third degree: In this form of road rash, infection is a real possibility. This level of road rash injury can included flared skin, deep wounds, serious muscle abrasion, nerve, tendon, and bone damage, along with significant bleeding. Permanent scarring and disfigurement are possible.

The types of treatment prescribed for road rash injuries varies based on their severity.

If another driver is at-fault for your road rash injury, it is important to reach out to an experience motorcycle accident attorney to pursue compensation.

Motorcycle accidents happen for a variety of reasons. Sometimes unexpected events caused by other drivers can send a motorcyclist flying off his or her bike onto the roadway, resulting in mild or severe road rash injuries. If you have been the victim of this types of injury caused by a negligent party, our Oklahoma City motorcycle accident attorneys at Cunningham & Mears are here to help you pursue fair and full compensation for your injuries and losses. To arrange a free consultation, give us a call today at 405.232.1212 or drop us a message through our contact form.