Oil Field Operation Statistics

Oil Field Operation StatisticsThe oil and gas extraction sector includes many jobs that are the lifeblood of Oklahoma’s economy. Work in this sector includes:

  • Exploring for crude oil and natural gas
  • Drilling, equipping, and completing wells
  • Operation of emulsion breakers, separators, emulsion breakers, and desilting equipment, and field gathering lines for crude petroleum and natural gas
  • Producing crude petroleum
  • The mining and extraction of oil from oil shale and oil sands
  • Natural gas production
  • Recovering sulfur from natural gas
  • Recovering hydrocarbon liquids

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, which itemized the work activities just listed, the US oil and gas sectors employs:

  • Petroleum engineers. 10,820 workers
  • Wellhead pumpers. 8, 120 workers
  • Roustabouts, oil and gas. 4,900 workers
  • Petroleum pump system operators, refinery operators, and gaugers. 4,640 workers.
  • Geoscientists, except hydrologists and geographers. 4,170 workers

As of October 2020, there were:

  • 159,100 oil and gas workers of all types (seasonally adjusted)
  • 92,8000 production and nonsupervisory employees
  • The average amount an employee earned on an hourly basis was $47.92
  • The average employee worked 40.8 hours a week

The death and injury data for 2019, which is the most recent available, shows a marked increase over the last few years. In 2016, and average of 9 out of every 100 oil and gas industry workers died; in 2018, that number had increased to 22 out of every 100.

Oil and gas worker fatalities increased by a greater percentage

Per BLS, the overall number of worker deaths rose 2% from the 2018 numbers. Construction and extraction occupations, however, rose 6%. The greatest percentage of fatal accidents were transportation related; BLS reports that “Nearly 1 out of every 5 fatally injured workers was employed as a driver/sales worker or truck driver.” It did not break down how many of those drivers worked in oil and gas, but on average, about transportation accidents account for about 41% of all fatal oil and gas industry accidents.

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