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Oklahoma’s Bicycle Laws

A cyclist was killed by an oncoming vehicle while participating in an Oklahoma City charity biking event. According to police, prior to the accident, the cyclist lost control of his bicycle and veered into a lane of oncoming traffic on Northwest 39th Expressway.

Under Oklahoma law and the Oklahoma City Bicycle Ordinance, bicyclists must follow the same rules of the road as drivers. Bicyclists are also subject to additional rules, including:

  • Traffic regulations: Cyclists must yield to stop lights, stop signs and right-of-way directions.
  • Lane restrictions: Cyclists can be limited to riding in certain lanes.
  • Speed restrictions: Cyclists must ride at a “reasonable speed.”
  • Restrictions on riding on sidewalks: In Oklahoma  City, cyclists are prohibited from riding on sidewalks in business districts.
  • Safety devices: Bicycles must have adequate brakes and front and back lights when driving at night.

Violations of the Oklahoma City Bicycle Ordinance are considered to be a Class “A” offense. Class A offenses carry fines of up to $500, plus court costs or fees.

Bicycle laws and negligence

Bicycle laws are meant to protect the public from unsafe riders. If you are injured by a bicycle rider who violates Oklahoma City’s riding laws, you may be able to claim damages based on negligence per se. Under negligence per se, a person who violates a statute and causes the harm that the statute is designed to prevent is presumed to be negligent.

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