TBIs From Tractor Trailer and 18-Wheeler Accidents

TBIs From Tractor Trailer and 18-Wheeler AccidentsAlthough accidents involving large commercial trucks account for a small portion of vehicle crashes across the nation relatively speaking, they are also responsible for a significant number of serious injuries and deaths. Some of these injuries include traumatic brain injuries (TBIs). This types of severe injure to the head and brain is responsible for many disabilities and fatalities in car crash victims.

There are mild TBIs and more severe TBIs, medically speaking. However, any type of brain injury is serious within itself. Even lesser concussions have proven to cause ongoing health problems for individuals years into the future.

Common TBIs from truck accidents

Some of the most commonly occurring traumatic brain injuries that are the result of motorcycle and passenger vehicle wrecks with large commercial trucks include:

  • This type of TBI can results from either a violent shaking or direct blow to the head during a truck accident. It often takes place when vehicles impact each other at a high rate of speed. A concussion may or may not involve the loss of consciousness. More severe concussions can include various types of complications, including a restriction of the flow of oxygen to the brain, resulting in potential permanent brain damage.
  • Contusions. When a direct blow to the head occurs, this is a contusion. With this type of traumatic brain injury, bleeding beneath of the tissue of the head causes bruising. If blood continues to build up on the brain, surgery is sometimes required to remove this condition.
  • Penetrating injuries. A penetrating injury to the brain usually occurs as a result direct impact from a sharp pointed object, such as a knife or bullet. The object pushes skin, hair, bones, and other fragments in the brain with the object.
  • Diffuse axonal injuries. When the brain moves slower than the body, a diffuse axonal injury occurs. This injury results in tears to nerve tissue in the brain. Whiplash is the most common case of this injury. During whiplash, the head is suddenly thrust forward and then snapped back by the tendons and muscles of the neck. Tearing occurs which sends chemicals to the brain, causing a problem with the brain’s functionality, leading to potential permanent damage, or in some cases a coma, or death.
  • Coup-contrecoup injuries. When one side of the brain hits the skull with a level of force that causes it to bounce back and hit the other side of the skull, a coup-contrecoup injury results. This injury may cause multiple contusions, requiring surgery to eliminate.

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