Professional truck drivers transport equipment and products along the roadways and highways of Oklahoma on a daily basis. Although driving a commercial truck can be an excellent job and source of steady, dependable income, sometimes the occupation comes with an unwanted price. Many drivers extend themselves with long days and weeks on the road, which can lead to distraction, fatigue, and exhaustion. This often leads to a greater risk of catastrophic accidents that necessitate the need to hire truck accident attorneys for injured truck drivers.

No matter who is liable for causing a truck accident and injuries to a truck driver, the injured commercial truck driver is usually entitled to receive financial compensation in the form of workers’ compensation benefits. This holds true even if the truck driver is responsible for the accident. Some of the benefits provided through workers’ compensation for truck drivers include:

  • Continuing coverage for medical care and prescription medications until the injuries heal
  • Training for a vocation if the injuries prevent the driver from resuming his or her position at work
  • Disability payments for as long as the driver is unable to work or can only work on a part-time basis due to the injuries from the crash.

When the negligent actions of a third-party – like the manufacturer of a defective truck part – cause the trucker to suffer injuries in a crash, the injured driver may file an injury lawsuit against the responsible company or individual. This lawsuit may hold accountable the third-party to pay compensation for damages, injury, pain, suffering not paid for by workers’ compensation.

Common injuries suffered by truck drivers

Several serious injuries are possible as the result of an accident with a long combination vehicle, semi-tractor trailer, or other type of commercial truck, including: loss of limb, spinal cord injury, neck and/or back injury, brain trauma and/or injury, or death.

When truckers sustain catastrophic injuries in a trucking accident

Some truck accidents result in catastrophic injuries to the truck driver, causing the driver to become disabled for a long period of time and unable to work. These disabilities can last months or even more than a year and require additional benefits. A commercial truck driver who has sustained serious injuries in a crash may be entitled to Social Security Disability insurance.

It is important to have the assistance of an experienced truck accident and workers’ compensation attorney for help including any chronic injury or occupational illness resulting from the accident in order to prevent a claim denial and secure the benefits you deserve.

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