What Does the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) Do?

Millions of products are sold to consumers each day in the United States. When we purchase these products, we trust that these items are safe to use. It is because of the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) that consumers can feel safe about the products they are using. The CPSC expects manufacturers to uphold certain standards when producing products that millions of consumers across the country will use. If those standards are not met and consumers are injured, manufacturers may be liable for the damages caused to the consumers.

The CPSC protects consumers through the following measures.

Seting standards within different industries

The CPSC sets standards within different industries. These safety standards let manufacturers know what is appropriate when developing and producing products. Standards are set for toys, beauty products, appliances, and much more. Most standards are mandatory, but some are also voluntary.

Consumer product manufacturers should pay close attention to the voluntary standards because they want to meet the expectations of the CPSC while also satisfying consumers and keeping them from harm. When manufacturers do not pay attention to the standards that have been set within specific industries, problems can quickly arise and customers can suffer injury from a defective product.

Enforcing the set standards

The CPSC also works to enforce these standards. When performing assessments and investigations into manufacturing practices, the CPSC can penalize manufacturers that are not meeting certain standards, while keeping them from producing any additional products until they are able to achieve those standards.

Baning products that are deemed hazardous

When products are considered hazardous and there are absolutely no standards that the CPSC can set to protect the consumers, those items are then banned in the United States. When products are banned, it becomes illegal to produce and sell them to the consumers because of the risks involved. Consumers should avoid purchasing any of the products that they know have been banned. Instead, they should report the company selling those banned items to the CPSC as soon as possible to make them aware of the situation.

The CPSC has a serious job to protect consumers from products that are hazardous or defective. It is the reason that standards are set for different industries before products are manufactured and sold to consumers. If you sustained severe injuries after using a product, it is possible that the manufacturer did not meet the standards initially set by the CPSC. Talk to an attorney that can perform a full investigation for you and help you with your claim. If you are in the Oklahoma City area, reach out to Cunningham & Mears. Call us directly at 405-212-9234 or complete a contact form to schedule a consultation.