Construction Zone Accidents

Oklahoma City Construction Zone Accident Attorneys Explain Your Rights When Collisions Happen

Helping drivers, passengers and pedestrians when construction vehicles cause serious injuries

Trucks and other vehicles are a common site at and near roadway construction sites. They are constantly bringing equipment, material and supplies to the work location. These vehicles are regularly taking debris, dirt, and items from the construction sites to local dumps and other work sites. Where road construction is being done, traffic often needs to be rerouted or narrowed. The roads and lanes near the construction zone are usually filled with gravel, hot tar, or other materials that make them hard to drive on.

At Cunningham & Mears, our lawyers have been helping victims of construction accidents for decades. We understand who is responsible for maintaining constructions road sites and who is responsible when accidents happen. We work to settle cases with insurance adjustors, but we are always ready to try your case before a jury of your peers. Our lawyers fight for compensation for your pain and suffering, lost wages, medical bills, disfigurement, and property damages.

Oklahoma has a lot of construction projects going on

Roadway construction is either done by private companies, the Oklahoma Department of Transportation, or local governmental agencies. ODOT has published its Construction Work Plan (ongoing through 2024) for eight zones of the state. OKC sits in Zone 4, which means we will see:

  • I-235 Resurfacing and Widening at N. 50th St. in Oklahoma City
  • I-35 and I-240 Crossroads Interchange Reconstruction in Oklahoma City (and all along the I-35 corridor)
  • SH-74 Expansion in Oklahoma City
  • I-40 Crosstown and OKC Boulevard (and projects along T-40, throughout the state)

With so much construction being done over the next eight years, the chances are good that more drivers, pedestrians, cyclists and construction workers will be involved in construction zone accidents. Collisions, crashes and other events can occur when the owners and maintenance crews:

  • Failed to follow federal and state guidelines for safe roadway construction. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) requirements control the way in which the work should be done, how traffic should be controlled, and how workers and the public can be protected.
  • Failed to provide quality warnings. Drivers should be alerted to the roadwork well before they enter the construction zone. Signs should clearly indicate speed limits, lane changes, and other roadway hazards.
  • Didn’t properly light the roadway. Driving near construction zones is especially dangerous at night. Construction zones should use signs, colors, and lighting that can be read or noticed during the evening and early morning hours.
  • Created bad highways and travel lanes. Lanes should easily merge into one another. The roads should either be level and rideable without being too bumpy or drivers should be educated to stay off the roads. Roads that are not level or have lots of damage to them can easily cause a driver to lose control and kill the driver or injure a passenger.
  • Failed to mark lanes correctly. Lanes need to be repainted or marked with cones or markers, so drivers understand exactly where to drive.
  • Faulty traffic control. Many road construction sites use people to direct traffic. There should be clear protocols in place to direct drivers. Improper procedures or improper traffic management (due to fatigue or inattention) can easily cause a collision.

Collisions with the trucks at or near the construction zone are especially dangerous. Drivers who crash into a bulldozer, commercial truck, cement truck, or other large vehicle generally suffer more severe injuries than those who crash into other cars.

Who is responsible when a construction zone accident happens?

Our construction zone attorneys work with the police, employer road construction experts if necessary, and conduct extensive discovery to determine who is at fault for the accident. We file claims against all responsible parties including:

  • Other drivers
  • The construction site owner
  • Maintenance and repair crews
  • Engineers and architects
  • Oklahoma, counties, townships, and governmental agencies.
  • Contractors

The basis for your claim varies depending on how the accident happened. Our Oklahoma City lawyers bring the following types of construction zone cases:

  • Personal injury. We bring a personal injury case based on the negligence of the driver and anyone responsible for the driver’s actions
  • Wrongful death. If a loved one was killed, we represent the family of the loved one. Our lawyers demand that wrongdoers pay the funeral damages and for all the economic and social losses the death of a loved causes spouses and children.
  • Product liability. If a truck defect caused you harm, our construction zone lawyers seek to hold the truck or truck part manufacturer responsible.
  • Workers’ compensation. If an employee is injured or killed at the construction zone site, we file work injury claims for wage loss and medical expenses on your behalf. In death cases, we seek payment of funeral expenses and long-term wage loss.

In claims against a governmental agency or subdivision, we help you meet the timeline, notice, and proof requirements.

Talk to a respected Oklahoma City construction zone lawyer about your injuries

Every driver expects that roadways constantly need repairs. What drivers don’t expect is that the site owners will fail to properly secure the site, warn drivers, and protect drivers from danger. When construction zone accidents happen, you need experienced Oklahoma City lawyers who understand the safety laws and industry standards. At Cunningham & Mears, we have tried and settled numerous personal injury cases. Our lawyers have more than a half-century of combined trial advocacy experience. To review your case with us now, please call 405-232-1212 or contact us to schedule a consultation.