Public Transportation Accidents

Experienced Oklahoma City Injury Attorneys Assisting Victims of Public Transportation Accidents

Strong representation when planes, buses, and common carriers cause injuries and death

Most transit riders make the mistake of thinking that using public transportation or private mass transportation is safer than driving in their car. What could be more comfortable and less dangerous than letting someone else do the driving or flying for you? Public agencies and common carriers are supposed to be experienced and are supposed to inspect their vehicles.? Too often, the answer to these questions is no. Aviation companies, Amtrak, the Heartland Flyer, Embark, taxi-services, and other federal and Oklahoma City operations are just as likely to have unsafe vehicles, careless drivers, and dangerous tracks and roads as other vehicle owners. When mass transit accidents happen, numerous victims can be killed or injured in just one accident.

The mass transit accident lawyers at Cunningham & Mears understand who is responsible for your injuries and for deaths when a plane nosedives, a train crashes, a bus overturns, or a light-trolley collides. Our respected lawyers have successfully represented victims and families of all types of vehicle accidents. We hold government agencies, private owners, and drivers accountable when they fail to put the safety of their passengers first. Our lawyers understand the unique standards that mass transit operators owe the public and we fight to protect riders when negligence or reckless behavior causes harm.

Why mass transit accidents are so dangerous

Mass transportation accidents are often deadlier and more catastrophic than other types of accidents. This is because the vehicles are bigger, faster, wider, and heavier than typical four-wheel vehicles. They are tougher to control. Planes that fall from the sky, trains that derail, boats that flip over, and buses that slide off bridges are all extremely dangerous to passengers and anyone nearby.

The reasons mass transit accidents happen are often unique to the form of transportation. At Cunningham & Mears, our lawyers work with experts in each field. We also understand which agencies monitor each mode of transportation. For example, we employ aviation safety experts and professionals who understand the Federal Aviation Administration guidelines – when a plane accident takes the life of a cherished relative.

Some of the types of mass transportation accidents our lawyers are ready to handle are:

  • Sudden stops
  • Driver negligence
  • Failure to run background checks on drivers
  • Failure to train and monitor drivers
  • Allowing drivers to operate in bad weather conditions
  • Putting profit and speed before safety and security

Who’s responsible when mass transit accidents occur?

Our Oklahoma City mass transit lawyers understand the unique and complex difficulties in mass transit accident cases. Different groups may be held liable if you are slip on a wet floor at the Will Rogers Airport, for example, than if your plane loses an engine cover (like UA 1175), and the emergency landing leads you to be injured. Because of the complexities of these types of cases, our attorneys take the time necessary for:

  • Determining who is responsible. The starting point is determining whether the owners and operators of the plane, train, bus, or other mass transit service were public or private. The rules for filing claims against public carriers are different than for private companies. In both types of cases, we need to determine who owned the vehicle, who was responsible for the highways, roads, air, and the transportation routes. In addition to filing claims against the drivers, we also file lawsuits against manufacturers, parts distributors, maintenance crews, and other entities that failed to protect your or a loved one.
  • Filing claims against the government. All clients should understand that there are strict notice requirement time limits for filing claims against the Oklahoma Department of Transportation, a county, a city, and a governmental agency. If you don’t file a notice properly, you will lose all your rights.
  • Understanding common carrier laws. These are specific federal and state laws that govern how public mass transit owners must protect their riders. Our Oklahoma City laws work to show that the carrier failed to inspect and maintain their vehicles and transit routes, that they failed to fully supervise their drivers, and that they failed to follow common carrier rules and regulations.
  • Understanding the traffic rules that apply. The rules for flying planes, operating boats, and driving trains and trolleys are different than for standard vehicles. We understand the navigation rules for each mode of mass transit.
  • Knowing how to bring lawsuits on behalf of multiple victims. If multiple claims are brought on behalf of multiple victims, we work to coordinate the cases so that the best results can be obtained. For example, one traffic reconstruction expert may file a report that all plaintiffs can use.
  • Bringing the case in the right court. If the carrier was a federal entity or used federal routes, then we may bring your case in federal court instead of the Oklahoma state courts.

There are many other laws and regulations our Oklahoma City mass transit lawyers must know to help you get justice in court and with insurance companies. For example, mass transit drivers need special licenses to operate their vehicles. The driving while intoxicated standards are much stricter for mass transit drivers than for other drivers.

Our experienced Oklahoma City lawyers are ready to answer your questions and speak with you about your mass transit accident case

Mass transit accidents can be very complex. They often involve multiple victims. There are special rules for bringing claims against public agencies and common carriers. The companies or agencies that operate the transit systems usually try to fix any defects or mistakes so the transit vehicle can be put back into operation. At Cunningham & Mears, our lawyers understand how to make these complex cases simple. We calmly but professionally guide you through each phase of your case. For help now, please contact us or call 405-232-1212 to make an appointment.