Car Accidents: When Do You Need Legal Help?

As mentioned earlier, traffic collisions decreased in our state in 2011, but they are still an unfortunate daily event.  A good question to consider after any accident is whether to contact an accident attorney. When does it make sense to get legal help?

If you are involved in an automobile or other motor vehicle accident, the need for legal advice is sometimes clear.  A severe accident or a serious injury resulting in hospitalization is reason to contact an attorney.  Why?  Because serious injury results in significant medical costs, can be disabling and may alter your future.  When injured through the negligence of others, you deserve compensation for economic and non-economic losses.

Other times, the need for lawyers may be less clear. Not all accidents call for legal advice, but many do. If the accident was a fender bender, you can likely handle the claim yourself.

However, consider these points:

  • An injury is a good reason to call an attorney.  Reputable firms provide a free, initial consult.  Take advantage of it.
  • If your insurance company is not responding, or is failing to honor your policy, you can file a complaint with the Oklahoma Insurance Department.  Legal help is a good idea.
  • If your claim involves an underinsured or an uninsured driver, you may need to collect on your policy.  Speak to a lawyer if your insurance company balks at paying out coverage.
  • Do not accept an injury settlement or sign a release without attorney advice.

Accidents happen, and skilled attorneys provide the help you need. If you are hurt, or dealing with delayed claims, contact Cunningham & Mears. We can answer your questions.