Will My Car Insurance Go Up if I’m in a Crash?

Will My Car Insurance Go Up if I’m in a Crash?If you have been the unfortunate participant in a car wreck, you may be planning to file a claim for damages with your auto insurance company. However, be advised that you will likely have to endure higher premiums as a result.

A joint study between Quadrant Information Services and InsuranceQuotes has issued this warning: The data published in the study reveals that drivers who filed claims in 2016 saw an average premium increase of over 44%. The study examined premium increases in every state including Washington D.C., and focused on claims of $2,000 or more.

The premium increases mentioned above do not take into account individuals with a history of unsafe driving. The study concluded that drivers having only one auto claim may see significant premium increases. The data also indicates that premium increases are on the rise, having increased consistently over the last several years.

Fluctuations by state

Some states are certainly costlier than others in terms of premium increases after a reported accident. According to the study, California has the largest increase at 63.1%. Other states close behind include New Hampshire, Texas, Massachusetts, and North Carolina.

Oklahoma, at 27.9%, is among the states with the lowest premium increases after a similar car accident claim. The lowest premium increase percentage, according to the study, is held by Maryland at 21.5%.

Which claims spike premiums the most?

According to the InsuranceQuotes study, premiums tend to increase the most as a result of bodily injury claims. These claims occur when a driver causes injury to other individuals in the crash. Oklahoma, as most states, requires drivers to carry a minimum amount of bodily injury coverage due to the significant expense involved with these claims.

Again, California leads the pack with a 73.2% premium increase expected from a bodily injury claim in the state. However, the average premium increase among all states after a bodily injury claim is 48.6%.

Comprehensive auto injury claims, on the other hand, result in the least amount of premium increase. These claims include circumstances such as a tree falling on your car, crashing into a deer on the highway, or other occurrences that cause significant damage to your vehicle.

Protection for no-fault Oklahoma drivers

You may be wondering whether your auto insurance rate is subject to increase if you are not found liable for the accident. The good news is: The state of Oklahoma does not allow surcharges to be placed on drivers who are involved in car crashes as a result of no fault of their own. Therefore, if you are hit by a drunk or distracted driver, or get into an accident that you didn’t cause, your insurance rates should say the same.

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