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Strong advocacy for drivers, passengers, pedestrians, and bicycle riders injures in car crashes in Oklahoma

Car accidents happen all too frequently. Too many drivers in and near Edmond speed, drive while texting, drive while intoxicated, or drive too fast for weather conditions. Even a minor rear-end crash can cause whiplash that can last for months or a lifetime. Accidents at high speeds can cause injuries that require a lifetime of care and change a person’s life forever. If dealing with the pain and suffering isn’t difficult enough, car accident victims often have expensive medical bills and lose their income because they can’t work. Tragically, many car accidents are fatal.

At Cunningham & Mears, we are skilled personal injury lawyers. We understand how car accidents in Edmond happen, who is responsible, and what damages you have a right to claim. We’ll guide you through each step of the claims process including investigating the accident site, speaking with witnesses, talking with your doctors and employers, and being your advocate with the insurance companies and defense lawyers. We’ll help you focus on getting healthy while we focus on obtaining the strongest result possible.

In one car accident case, we obtained $750,000.00 for a former US Postal worker whose vehicle was rear-ended in a three-car pile-up. The insurance company had only offered $85,000 weeks before the jury trial. The jury trial unanimously decided in favor of our client.

In another car accident case, we obtained $650,000 for a client who suffered serious knee injuries that required multiple surgeries. Our client was injured when a driver drove through a stop sign.

How can we help?

What types of car accidents do you handle?

Our Edmond car accident lawyers handle all types of car accident cases including:

  • Head-on crashes
  • Broadsides/T-bone crashes
  • Rear-end collisions
  • Intersection accidents
  • Single-vehicle accidents
  • Multiple-vehicle accidents
  • Accidents due to defective car parts
  • Merging and passing accidents
  • All other types of accidents

Why do car accidents occur in Edmond, Oklahoma?

Most car accidents in Edmond are due to driver negligence. In 2021, according to the Oklahoma Highway Safety Office, 762 people died, and 30,195 people were injured in vehicle accidents in Oklahoma. Of those deaths, 195 were alcohol-related, and 206 deaths were speed-related. Per the data, 104 pedestrians were killed.

Our Edmond car accident lawyers are skilled at showing car accidents happened due to the following causes:

  • Driving while impaired by alcohol or drugs. There’s no excuse for drunk or drugged driving. Drivers who drink or drive should arrange for sober transportation home. Drunk driving is reckless and dangerous because the drunk/drugged driver can’t control his/her vehicle, and other drivers can’t respond to erratic driving.
  • Distracted driving. According to the Oklahoma Highway Safety Office, distracted driving in 2021 in Oklahoma caused 44 deaths and 178 serious injuries. Distracted driving includes texting, talking on a cell phone, eating, drinking, adjusting electronic devices, and anything that takes a driver’s eyes off the road, mind off traffic, and hands off the wheel.
  • Speeding isn’t just limited to driving faster than the posted speed limit. Speeding also includes driving too fast for traffic or weather conditions.
  • Traffic violations. Drivers who fail to yield the right of way, drive too closely, merge improperly, pass improperly, drive through red lights or stop signs, or violate other traffic laws should be held liable for any car accidents they cause in Edmond.
  • Driver fatigue. Drivers need to get off the road instead of hoping that a cup of coffee or an open window will protect them. We hold drivers accountable when they fail to get enough rest.

We represent drivers, passengers, pedestrians, and bicycle riders when car accidents occur. We file personal injury claims, product liability claims, and wrongful death claims on behalf of car accident victims and their families.

What causes Oklahoma car accidents other than driver error?

Our Edmond car accident lawyers are also skilled at showing that car accidents are due to:

  • Defective car parts. Manufacturers should be held accountable if their brakes, airbags, seatbelts, fuel lines, and other car parts fail just when drivers need them to work the most.
  • Poorly designed or maintained roads. The Oklahoma Department of Transportation or other state/local entities/agencies may be liable for accidents that occur due to negligent design, faulty maintenance, or the failure to warn the public of dangerous traffic or weather conditions.

While Oklahoma doesn’t have dram shop laws, vendors may be liable if they serve a driver who is under 21 or visibly intoxicated whose intoxication causes an accident.

What types of injuries do car accident victims suffer?

The severity of a car accident depends on the speed of the vehicles, the point of impact, the size and shape of the cars, the number of cars involved, and other factors. We work with your doctors and our network of physicians to fully understand what injuries you have, the treatments you’ll need, the cost of the medical care, your pain, and all your limitations.

Our Edmond car accident lawyers represent accident victims who suffer catastrophic, permanent, or serious injuries including:

  • Traumatic brain injuries (TBI) and head injuries. These accidents often occur if an occupant of the car strikes the dashboard, another passenger, or is evicted from the vehicle. Victims often suffer cognitive damage, physical harm, and emotional anxiety. Many TBI victims never fully recover.
  • Spinal cord injury. This injury can cause partial or complete paralysis. Edmond car accident victims with spinal cord damage may require a lifetime of medical help, may never work again, and may lose the ability to enjoy many of life’s pleasures.
  • Burn injuries. Severe burn injuries often require skin grafts and plastic surgeries. For many burn injury victims, the emotional scars are as difficult to live with as the physical scars.
  • Fractures. Many car accident victims break the bones in their arms, legs, ribs, and other parts of their body. While simple clean breaks often heal with treatment and time, some compound and complex fractures cause lingering pain, anxiety, and loss of function.
  • Whiplash. This injury is common to rear-end accidents. Victims may not even know they have this injury for days after the accident. Some whiplash victims live with chronic pain.
  • Other common car accident injuries include:
    • Neck, back, and shoulder injuries
    • Internal bleeding and organ damage
    • Nerve, ligament, tissue, and muscle damage
    • Cuts, lacerations, and bruises
    • Vision and hearing loss

How do your personal injury lawyers fight for Edmond car accident victims?

First, we recommend car accident victims seek medical help immediately. Early intervention may make a substantial difference. We work with investigators who examine the accident site and the vehicles involved. Our investigators also speak with nearby  residents and businesses to determine if they have any video evidence. Our Edmond car accident lawyers review the police reports and speak with the police.

A critical part of your car accident claim involves formally questioning the defendants and anyone with information about your case. We also seek to examine any black boxes, and cell phones that were used, breath tests, and other types of physical evidence. We talk to your doctors to understand the full scope of your injuries, and how they’re affecting every part of your life.

Once our investigation and the discovery phase of your case is complete, we prepare a formal demand letter explaining why we believe the defendants are liable and itemizing all your damages. We then negotiate with the insurance companies. If a settlement cannot be reached, we try your case before a local jury.

We’ll answer all your questions whenever you have them and guide you through each phase of the litigation process.

How much is my car accident claim worth?

Each person’s case is different. We work with you, your family, and your doctors to fully understand how your life is different because of a car accident. We demand compensation for all your financial and personal damages, including your current and future:

  • Medical bills. These include ER care, hospitalizations, surgeries, doctor visits, rehabilitative care, assistive devices, and medications.
  • Lost income. This amount includes your lost salary, wages, and business income because you can’t work. It also includes compensation if you have a permanent disability.
  • Pain and suffering. Every time you move, you’re in pain. Many car accident victims are in pain even when they’re perfectly still. We seek compensation for all your physical pain and emotional suffering.
  • Scarring and disfigurement. We demand compensation for burn injury victims and anyone who has facial or bodily scars or disfigurement.
  • Property damage. This amount includes the cost to fix your car or replace it if it was totaled.
  • Other damages, including loss of consortium and loss of bodily function.

If a loved one died, we file a wrongful death claim. In this type of claim, for family members, we seek payment for the funeral and burial costs, loss of income, grief, loss of companionship, and loss of support and guidance the decedent would have provided, and any suffering the decedent endured before he/she died.

How much time do I have to file a car accident claim in Oklahoma?

Victims normally have two years to file a car accident claim. We recommend that you contact our Edmond car accident lawyers as soon as possible. Prompt investigation does make a difference. Prompt medical care with the correct health providers is essential.

Do you have an Edmond car accident lawyer near me?

Cunningham & Mears meets Edmond personal injury victims at our two Oklahoma City offices. Our first office is located at 5104 N Francis Ave., Suite 102, Oklahoma City (just a 4-minute drive from Penn Square Mall). Our second is located at 9428 Westgate, Suite 102B, in the Brookhaven West part of Oklahoma City. Both offices have plenty of parking.

We do meet car accident victims who are too sick or immobile to come to our office at your homes and healthcare facilities. We also conduct video conferences by appointment.

Our lawyers are skilled insurance negotiators and trial attorneys. We’re respected by former clients, the insurance industry, and defense lawyers for our strong records of successful settlements and jury verdicts.

Speak with an experienced Edmond car accident lawyer now

Don’t delay contacting an attorney. Our Edmond car accident lawyers need to investigate the accident site and speak with witnesses. We need to talk to you about the doctors who are treating you. We understand your trauma and your fears. We’ve represented many car accident victims who have suffered catastrophic or severe injuries. Our lawyers will guide you through the claims process. We aim to obtain the maximum recovery Oklahoma law permits. To discuss how we can help you, contact us or call us today for a free initial consultation.