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Oklahoma oil fields use all types of heavy machinery such as cranes, derricks, loaders, drilling rigs, blowers, and steam boilers. Energy extraction and development tools includes engines, generators, power tools, hand tools, wirelines, and motors. Oil field operators need to train their workers on how to use these items safely and securely. Manufacturers, distributors, and retailers have a duty to provide safe products that won’t malfunction when used.

At Cunningham & Mears, our lawyers are experienced oil field injury attorneys. We have earned the trust of our clients and the Oklahoma City community. We put our 105 years of combined experience to work for our clients every day. We have tried cases before juries when workers and contractors were injured or died. We prepare each case for a jury trial and recommend settlements only when the offer is just and pays for your damages. We are also experienced workers’ compensation attorneys.

How oil field equipment failure cases work

The makers of oil field machinery and equipment make large profits from the items they sell. The manufacturers and sellers of the produce are in the best position to test the equipment and to find ways to make is safe. Manufacturers also have a duty to anticipate the ways their produces will likely be used.

Our Oklahoma City lawyers bring product liability claims when an equipment or machinery defect causes a worker to die or suffer any type of physical harm. Trucks, rigs, hand tools, and all products sold to the public (including oil field owners and contractors) must meet the following three standards:

  • The design and specifications must be correct
  • The product must be made with quality parts, compatible parts, and must be properly built according to quality specifications
  • The instructions and marketing materials should clearly indicate how the produce is to be used safely.

If any one of these standards is not met the product will be considered defective. Oilfield equipment defects can be the result of poor welding, metal fatigue, and corrosion.

Products that are sold to the businesses usually come with express or implied warranties. A common warranty provision is that the product should be safe for the intended use. A worker who is injured due to breach of warranty may have a right to sue the maker or seller of the product.

In product liability and breach of warranty cases, fault is not an issue. Our attorneys do work with engineer, and professionals who understand how the equipment should have be made to prove the product didn’t work when it was used. We also work with these professionals and your doctors to show that it was the defect that caused you harm or caused a loved relative to die.

Additional types of damage claims when oil field equipment breaks down

In addition to product liability and breach of warranty claims, we often assert that the manufacturer and other companies were careless, negligent or failed to follow standard safety considerations. In negligence cases, we do need to prove fault.

In some cases of oil field equipment failure, we also file claims against the owners of the oil fields and all contractors. The basis for these claims is usually:

  • That the company failed to educate the workers on how to use the equipment or machinery
  • The company knew the product was defective and failed to repair it, replace it, or find alternative equipment
  • The company failed to comply with federal, state, or local oil field work safety standards

Generally, employees and independent contractors can both bring claims against non-employers such as the manufacturer. Employees who are injured at work can always file a workers’ compensation claim so that their medical bills can be paid and so they can receive partial wages while the third-party case is pending.

When equipment has a defect or is misused, an oilfield equipment failure accident can cause:

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In most equipment failure cases, it is critical that we inspect the piece of equipment that was defective. We need to have our product safety experts study the equipment, the equipment manuals, how equipment was used, and who use it prior to the victim. At Cunningham & Mears, we work to show that manufacturers and the construction site placed profit before your safety or the safety of a loved one. To schedule an appointment today, please call us at 405-232-1212 or contact us. Consultations are free.