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Oklahoma City Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

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Under Oklahoma law, almost all employers must have workers’ comp insurance coverage. Employers can obtain coverage from private insurers, CompSource Oklahoma or through court-approved self-insurance. Workers’ comp is provided in order to protect you in case you sustain injuries while at work.

If you sustained an injury while on the job, you need experienced Oklahoma City workers’ compensation attorneys to guide you through the system and protect your rights to benefits. At Cunningham & Mears, we are dedicated to helping you understand and protect your rights to compensation after any injury.

Types of workers’ compensation in Oklahoma

Depending on the nature of your injuries, injured workers may be entitled to several different kinds of workers’ comp benefits in Oklahoma:

  • All reasonable and necessary medical treatment
  • Temporary benefits
  • Permanent disability based on percentage of impairment and determination of disability

Oklahoma workers’ compensation settlements

Obtaining fair Oklahoma workers’ compensation settlements from your employer or their insurance company is often a complicated task. Because insurance companies are businesses, adjusters often deny or undervalue claims in order to minimize payouts and maximize profits. By obtaining the assistance of experienced workers’ comp lawyers, you can maximize your chances of a full and fair settlement. Experienced attorneys have a thorough understanding of the system. They know how to complete a thorough application and how to represent you in appeal.

Oklahoma workers’ comp laws and appeals

The Oklahoma Workers’ Compensation Courts in Oklahoma City and Tulsa examine claims to ensure the workers’ comp laws are applied correctly. Ten judges hear contested cases and approve settlements. If you cannot reach a settlement with the workers’ comp insurer, Oklahoma City workers’ compensation lawyers can help you request and prepare for a hearing before a judge. After that, the next step is to appeal the trial judge’s ruling to the Court En Banc or the Oklahoma Supreme Court.

Personal injury and workers’ comp in Oklahoma

If you are injured in a workplace accident, the typical form of recovery is Oklahoma workers’ comp benefits. However, in some cases, you may be entitled to recover compensation in a personal injury lawsuit if your injuries were caused by the negligence of a third party. At Cunningham & Mears, our injury attorneys thoroughly examine the facts of your case to determine whether filing a workers’ comp claim or pursing a personal injury accident claim is in your best interest.

Contact a knowledgeable workers’ comp attorney in Oklahoma City

At Cunningham & Mears, we are determined to provide you with the help you need after an accident or workplace injury. If we cannot represent you, we will refer you to a workers’ comp attorney who can. To learn more about Oklahoma workers’ compensation laws and how we help injured clients, contact us online or call 405-757-1766 today for a free initial consultation.