The Dangerous Business of Oil Field Drilling

The Dangerous Business of Oil Field DrillingThe practice of onshore and offshore oil extraction is a dangerous business in Oklahoma and other parts of the nation. The risks associated with tasks performed in and around oil drills are considerable. The work involves heavy equipment, combustible materials, and intense pressure. According to information gathered by OSHA, workers in the oil and gas industry are 600 percent more likely to die on the job than the average worker in the U.S.

Risks to all workers at oil drilling sites

Workers who work at an oil drilling site face danger in one way or the other. The responsibilities of each oilfield worker, including the mudman, motor man, roughneck, roustabout, and tool pusher are different, with each individual facing a unique set of hazards. As well, the work environment around an oil drilling platform is often very loud due to the motor noise. Many times, workers will communicate through hand signals. However, this limitation can increase the likelihood of a mistake or the inability to properly warn another worker of impending danger.

The heavy labor involved in oilfield work itself presents a danger to oilfield workers. The long hours combined with the physically demanding tasks that must be performed continuously can result in errors that risk worker safety. The risk of oilfield accidents and injury are elevated even further if one or more workers are under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or if there is even one careless worker on the same job site.

Even when workers do everything right, there is always the risk of malfunctioning machinery during oilfield operations. The injuries resulting from defective machinery can be tragic, including: traumatic brain injury, disfigurement or amputation, spinal cord injury, burn injury or other serious physical injuries.

The fight for compensation after an oil field injury

When a serious accident occurs at an oilfield, you can be sure that oil and gas companies will move forward quickly to initiate a quick settlement with any victims and their families. You can expect the team of attorneys that work on behalf of these oil and gas companies to fight hard to minimize the payout you receive. You simply cannot allow the strategy of their legal team to prevent you from receiving the settlement you deserve based on your injuries and losses.

An experienced oilfield injury attorney working on your behalf can determine the reason(s) and responsible parties for your injury. They may discover that negligent safety standards were employed, equipment was poorly maintained, or other careless, negligent action led to your injuries.

If you have suffered an injury in the oil fields of Oklahoma, or on an oil rig somewhere else out to sea, you generally have a right to receive compensation through your employer’s workers’ compensation or insurance. This form of recovery can help you cover costs pertaining to medical bills, disfigurement, and disability. If your loved one died in an oilfield accident, death benefits will be available through workers’ compensation.

However, if the negligence that led to your injuries was caused by a third-party, i.e. an equipment manufacturer or subcontractor, etc. you may have the right to file a personal injury lawsuit against the responsible third-party. A seasoned oil field injury attorney can help determine where the liability rests for your injuries.

Our Oklahoma City oilfield injury attorneys at Cunningham & Mears have the resources and experience necessary to help you secure the compensation you deserve for injuries you suffered due to company or third-party negligence. To begin pursuing your financial recovery with a free consultation, call our law office today at 405.212.9234 or complete our contact form.

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